May 21 2012

Windsor Park

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Another successful day for O2 riders in the C Group race at the Crit. held at Windsor Park, May 20/12. Of the 6 riders (Harry, Simon, Malcolm, Keith, Al, Bruce) entered from the Club. Five finished in the top ten. The sprint to the finish saw Harry in 2nd place closely followed by Simon in 4th with the balance of O2 riders doing a great job protecting their team mates sprint to the line

Mar 05 2010

Licencing requirements for Caleb Pike races

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As part of the Victoria Cycling League(VCL) the O2 Cycling Club hosts the races at Caleb Pike, in the Highlands. As a member club of Cycling British Columbia(CBC) the Club is obligated to abide by the rules and regulations as set out by CBC. This also applies to individual members. One of the key requirements of member clubs who host cycling events is to ensure that all participants are properly insured. Insurance is for the protection of both the racers and the organizers of these events. There are a number of ways to obtain insurance that will qualify one to participate at the racing events hosted by the O2Cycling Club. To assist racers to identify the various insurance options we have provided a brief summary below for ease of reference.Please note that CBC is the official source to verify rules/regulations and that it is CBC who is to be contacted to obtain racing licences.

The following criteria MUST be met to race at O2 Cycling Club hosted events such as Caleb Pike:

You currently hold a CAA/UCI Cycling BC race licence or a Citizen race licence.



ALL racers MUST bring licences/membership proof to the first race.If you haven’t received your licence/membership card from CBC then bring your payment receipt to the first race registration. You MUST provide proof of insurance.  No race day licences are being sold.


Jan 30 2010

2008 Haywood Yaletown Grand Prix

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We’re roughly a month away from the 2008 Haywood Yaletown Grand Prix which this year will be event #5 in the BC Cup. We are well underway with our planning for the event and given that Canada Day does not fall on a long weekend this year, we expect to see our biggest crowds yet.

As anyone who has been there knows, expo and street space is at a premium, so proper planning for our expo and team area is essential. If your team plans to have a vehicle, tent, or trailer set up at this year’s Yaletown Grand Prix, please email me to confirm the nature and approximate dimensions of your rig. We will be building a Team Alley/Expo plan and pre-assigning space. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you let us know in advance so that we can accommodate you and build you into our load-in schedule. We expect to have 20,000 spectators visit the race during the day, so this is one of the best opportunities you will have all year to promote your co-sponsors and partners. If any of them wish to have expo space, please have them contact me directly for more information.

Given the nature of our course, we have field limits in place, so please encourage your riders to register early to avoid disappointment. Our early bird fee of $35 is in place until June 24th as which point it will go up to $45. Rider should note that is one small change to our event this year in that our Masters event is now 30+ years to line up with BC Cup regulations.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Paul Done
Event Director
Yaletown Grand Prix

Feb 15 2008

UCI Master’s Track Championships

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Sydney was fun. Renewing friendships with riders from around the world. All the racing there is tough and brings most riders to there best. The racing is at and they have the whole competition with commentary posted for all to see. My thoughts on the events. In the over view I got stronger as the week went on and this is likely because there were no events I could take part in after Canadian Championships in August.

For the TT I entered mostly to get going and have a race pressure Gate Start with a ride in the lower 39 sec. range that was my best of the year. For the Pursuit with a much lower than expected time to beat the track and conditions were not fast and my preparation was not adequate. I had not considered that slow a time so did not know the speed to ride. Started to fast then corrected a little to much and had a slower than expected final time placing me 4th in qualifying. The final went perfectly with a 2 + lap excell at the end to comfortably win the bronze.

The Scratch race with several attacks going up the road I was conservative and when Mark Rodimaker went with 2 laps to go I didn’t think he could hold on that long so chose to stay with the group and win a bunch sprint. The bunch sprint worked out as I wanted however Mark was stronger than expected and came away with a well deserved win.

The Points Race was a ding dong affair with myself just missing the crash in the last 2k. I believed that I would collect enough points during the race to win as long as no laps were taken so I did more work than wanted closing the gaps otherwise I was comfortable during the race. In the last sprint I felt quite strong and only had to hope I had done enough or that the race order behind was right for me.

That’s about all the inside on the races.

These events are a great opportunity to make friendships or renew friendships from around the world. I recommend to all that can afford to go to take the opportunity.

Chris Anstey

Feb 14 2008

Self Transcendance Triathlon

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As some of you know I was supposed to be gone all summer but unfortuannaly I had to fly home earlier for medical reasons. My medical stuff, the esophegus and stomach problems, do not affect my training so as soon as I came back from overseas I started looking for a race. I had one major problem, my bike was on the ship and I was not able to bring it back with me. I called Simon and my sponsor Jamis in panic and they hooked me up with no less then the Bike of the Year “awarded by Bicycle Magazine”. I fell in love with the bike on the first look… what a wonderful looking bike. This great looking Jamis Xenith Pro also fit very nicely and I told Jamis that they will have to work very hard to make me switch to a ’09 for next year.

Now that I had a bike I could register for the Self transcendance race. I went swimming a few times a Thetis Lake and I managed to go around without vomiting so I figured I was ready. I approached the race with a very relaxed attitude, since I was overweight I would aim at finishing and not competing. On race day, once I got to the site I felt really relaxed… probably because it was only 6am and I wasn’t awake yet! When the horn went I jumped in the water and as usual received and gave a few elbows and kicks (it might sound curious but I dont mind that part, might be my hockey background!) and once things settled down I had a nice and relaxing swim. After the swim I ran into the transition to grab my beautiful bike, Jamis xenith pro(did I mention bike of the year, available at Cycles West) and took off.

As some of you know the route was out of Elk Lake into West Sannich Road. That route is not made for overweight people but since my bike is light and repsonsive it went well! The run on the other hand was a different story. My injured hip flexor (from a marathon that I did but wasnt ready for, I completed but paid the price) fell awful and the pain went away at the 7km mark. I had a very strong finish on the run and was happy.

Overall I had a good day, the race is very well organized and the post race food is the best in town! It was also nice to see that few Schwalbe members also raced. I would like to encourage all the members to participate in the Juan de Fuca duathlon. Simon from Cycles West is one of the organisers.

Stef Moreau

Feb 13 2008

Juan de Fuca Duathlon

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I did my first Duathlon yesterday-September 21st-and it was a lot of fun! It was the Juan De Fuca presented by Front Runners, and Simon from Cycles West sponsored the bike part of it.

We ran 5 Km, biked 20 Km and ran another 5 Km. The run was on a chip trail, so it was easy on the legs, and the bike part was along the Esquimalt Lagoon and back up the hill to the Juan De Fuca Rec. Center.

My first run took me 30 minutes, and although this was the first time I’ve ever run competively, I was able to run without any distress. I stayed with one runner who was running with an easy pace, then I slowly worked my way up the line.

Once I got on my bike, I didn’t have any trouble getting into the rhythm of pedaling. Going down the hill towards the lagoon, you could really pick up some speed, and if you were REALLY courageous, you could use that speed to carry yourself down along the flat stretch!

Once I finished my 2 loops on my bike, I was coming into the Transition Zone, I forgot all about having to get off my bike, and that’s where it went from smooth to disastrous. And when marshals yelled at me to get off my bike, I grabbed my brakes, and I must’ve put my front brake on.

I went over my handlebars, and did a face plant. I’m glad I wore my aero helmet with the visor, because I looked at my helmet after the race, there was a scratch on the visor.

I scraped my right knee pretty bad, as well as my left palm, but after I picked myself up off of the ground, I ran into the transition area, put my running shoes and started another 5 K run.

There was a few spots where my legs started locking up, but, I think, because I do a lot of long distance Time Trials, I was able to push thru the pain, and I even managed an uphill sprint to the finish line!

My time was 1:35:35. And, my placing was 15th, out of 16 for my age group 40-49.

I will definitely do another one, because it’s something new!

Thanks for the sponsors for a great year of racing!!

Vaughn Marshall