For the 2013 season O2 Cycling Club members who volunteer at club cycling events (example VCL road races) will qualify for Cycles West volunteer gift cards.

Each card will have a value of $25.00.

One volunteer gift card will be issued to each member per event at which they have volunteered/marshalled.

Volunteers will be contacted in alphabetical order on a “Roll Down System” until the number of volunteers/marshals required to host the event is met.

It is hoped that every member will contribute to the Club through volunteering/marshalling.  However, if you wish to have your name removed from the volunteer/marshall list please advise the Club President, before the racing season begins.

If you decline to volunteer/marshall when your name is selected please understand that your ability to earn volunteer gift cards or qualify to receive financial support from the Club will be nullified.

Balances on gift cards are not given. i.e. the value of a gift card must be spent in its entirety at the time of purchase at Cycles West.