VCL Information

To race, you must show proof of your licence or membership at each race course – you will not race without this:

  • A racing licence issued by the UCI (International Cycling License) or Cycling BC or a Citizen’s Racing Licence; or;
    (you may bring a copy of your Cycling BC email confirmation if you have not received your licence or membership)
  • Riders under 19 years old, Juniors & Cadets, require a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian for each club race.
    No exceptions will be made. Waivers are available on Club websites – see below for web links.

Ride single file to and from the race course and do not obstruct traffic:

Riders obstructing traffic to and from a race lead to public complaining to the Police or Municipality. Complaints may lead to course cancellation.

Arriving before race time for sign up:

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to race time. If you have not previously raced the course, arrive at 30 minutes prior to sign paperwork and pre-ride the course.


Registration closes 5 minutes before the start of the race. If you are not registered, you can’t race.

Race rules are strictly enforced:

Do not cross the road’s centre line at any time, for any reason, during a race. Crossing the centre line will result in an automatic disqualification from the race.

Rules are in place for the safety of all riders and/or the consideration of the community. Questions or concerns about race rules should be directed to the race organizer or race Commissaire.

Cycling BC Upgrade Points:

In cooperation with Cycling BC, designated races will earn points toward upgrading your race license. Please see details at Cycling BC.

Spectators are welcome to all races – bring your family and friends to cheer you on.

League Standings can be found at

Race Categories:

A Group: Generally comprised of category Pro 1 & 2′s as well as very fit and experienced 3′s

B Group: Category 3′s & 4′s as well as top Junior racers

C Group: Category 4′s as well as Novice racers that have some but limited race experience.

Women: Race in the category above that best suits their fitness and race experience. Results are kept separate.

Are you new to Bike Racing, or not sure that you are fit enough to race?

C Category Races at Victoria Cycling League (VCL) events are open to anyone new to group racing, or those with not enough training to do ‘B’ races. New riders should have enough experience to handle the bike, know the gears, and braking. Some group riding experience is recommended too, but not required. Most riders at our races are between 14 years old to 65+ years old. There is no minimum or maximum age; there are some kids younger than 14 that are strong enough, and some over 65 that attend too! We encourage riders to come out and watch an event before racing.

This year brings a new emphasis in the VCL race series. Tripleshot Cycling is hosting a Monday night series at Western Speedways Race Course in late April-May and again in September for ‘C’ riders only. If these are well attended, more will be held subject to course availability. Also, Oak Bay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club has two races planned for Windsor Park with dedicated ‘C’ race categories.

Most other VCL races will offer a ‘C’ race if enough riders come out, and most of the Cycling Clubs will be encouraging their ‘C’ category riders to come.

Experienced riders can help!

We encourage and welcome experienced riders to participate and help new racers ‘get the hang of it’. Experienced racers will fill gaps, offer the odd bit of advice, and organize groups if they separate. The main idea is to be welcoming, encouraging, teach a bit, and ride with the power of the riders around, but, of course, not try to win.

If you are interested in assisting in a ‘C’ race, please contact the Race Organizer before the race starts.

What you get in ‘C’ Racing:

The main idea is to educate, and turn riders on to group racing. Road racing is a tactical, exciting sport using your head and skills to have fun. No one will be left behind to ride on their own for long.

Description of ‘C’ Racing at Western Speedway:

At the Tripleshot Cycling races held at the Western Speedway, there will be a supervised warm-up pace line session for 15 minutes at 6:00. Races start at 6:30. There will be a variety of shorter races so you can give it a go, rest up, and try again.

For example:

A Women’s race of 5 laps (a lap is about 600 m), followed by:

A Men’s race, of ? laps, then:

Another Women’s race, then:

Another Men’s race

We might do ‘handicap’ races where stronger riders chase weaker riders who get a head start, and then first racer across the line wins.

Each race will have more advanced riders in the group, helping to set an example, and advise new riders, without trying to win. Most races will start with a neutral lap behind experienced riders to let the nerves settle, and experienced riders will be at the back to help newcomers figure out drafting, and organize chase groups if it splits up. We’re also open to requests for events. How about a team pursuit with teams of ten? Boys vs. Girls? You get the picture.